Saturday, 17 November 2012

Super Saturday Sale

This was a very strange week for me. My daughter has been in playschool since the beginning of September with no issues. I actually expected her to have separation anxiety in the beginning because she's always been a mommy's girl, but nothing, she LOVES school. Until this week. Tuesday she cried after I left cause she missed me. Wednesday she cried as I was leaving, didn't want me to go, I stayed a few minutes longer and cried in the parking lot. Thursday she flipped out when we left the house, kicking screaming & dragging her heels. I explained to her that school is her job & her responsibility. Daddy goes to work every day, even if he's tired & doesn't want to, mommy takes care of Deirdre every day. She didn't cry, so that was good. I hope she feels better next week.

The weather is warming up a bit and pumpkins are wilting on the doorstep, time to get rid of them. We have such insanely fluctuating weather here, I love it but it can be crazy if you don't grow up with it.

The other weird thing was a really nice thing. I always wanted to be the mom who bakes with her kids, does messy crafts etc. I couldn't though cause I stressed out so much about the mess. I finally realized it as anxiety though and went on Anti-Anxiety meds and they are finally at the right level that this morning I made banana bread with my daughter, it was messy but it was so much fun.

These are the reasons I offer you these 3 kits at $2.00 each today!

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