Monday, 16 February 2015

Sweet Slumber Party

My daughter is finally getting to the age where we are thinking about sleepovers. Some of her friends started much earlier, some even as infants with sleepovers at grandparents houses but that was never really an option for us. She had one friend stay over here when she was four but it was a bit of a disaster as Deirdre is a night owl and her friend was an early bird. She's in sparks now (youngest level of Girl Guides, which is like USAs Girl Scouts but in Canada & UK), and her troupe is about to go on their second 2 night camping trip. Deirdres isn't ready to sleep away for this one either so I made a compromise and I drive her out the morning of her full day and pick her up at bedtime. Soon she will have her first sleepover at cousin Mackenzies though and hopefully get a few under her belt before the Science Centre Sleepover in a few months.

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 Here are a couple layouts from my fantastic new CT Member, Mary: