Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My New Do

When I started planning this kit there were grand plans for my daughter to get her second ever hair cut. That's right she's 6.5 years old and had only had 1 hair cut. Her first haircut was the day before she turned 4 years old. Her hair grows pretty slow and nobody wanted to cut her beautiful curls (except her) so it took a while for me to give in to her. After not finding any first haircut or hair related kits I liked I knew I had to make one. Unfortunately her second haircut got sidetracked by finding out she had caught lice at school and now she refuses to get her hair cut, my how the roles have changed.

My New Do is available at both Scraps n Pieces and at Daisies & Dimples for 50% off March 18 - 25.

Here are some fantastic layouts my CT Members made:

My newest CT Member Nicole showing off her big change:

Mary showing off her drastic hair cut. I think it looks great both ways:

Krystal had a sweet moment with her daughter :

Later in the week I'll post a layout of mine & a freebie for you!