Friday, 2 March 2012

Watching You Grow Quich Pages

It's finally time to share with you what was undoubtedly the largest project I have ever undertaken. by Christin and I made Watching You Grow Collab because we had both neglected to do our children's baby books (mine is not 3 and hers 2) and figured we couldn't be the only ones. We made a kit perfect for scrapping them yourselves and decided to go one step further. We made baby books that you can simply put your pictures & details and send it off to the printers. 5.99 buys you 59 quick pages (that's not a typo) in either boy or girl. And something tells me you'll get a better deal if you're signed up for my newsletter going out tomorrow morning *hint*hint*hint* Check them out and grab the Baby Announcement freebie a the bottom of the post.


And here's your freebie! (Click the photo)



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