Saturday, 1 October 2011

Grand Opening and October Flyers from Scraps n Pieces

Hey Guys!

It’s finally here! My new store is open and you really need to go check it out… right now… I’ll wait. Isn’t it so pretty? My quarters for Love is on all month long so don’t forget that, you can find it here. 25cents per layout or per 5 comments (real comments not just “nice layout”). You can find that here. Lots of fun stuff going on this month so I’ll repost those to remind you, then get on with some new stuff.



As you can see we have a scavenger hunt / progressive scrap starting up. Once you collect all the pieces you will have this awesome collab, plus a freebie prize at the end. I’m so excited, I’m going to be doing it too.



We have our VERY FIRST speed scrap today, you should check it out. Adriana is hosting it at 7pm MST.

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