Thursday, 22 January 2015

Chillin' Out

I don't know about you but our winter has been for the most part unseasonably warm. We always get Chinooks but it seems like we are spending more time above or hovering around freezing than below it. I'm not complaining I promise. Still after a very chilly trip to my dads after Christmas (-29C before the wind chill) where silly us went in the hot tub any how, I felt inclined to make a snuggly warm winter kit. I hope you like it. Chillin' Out is a warm fun kit to scrap all your winter adventures and misadventures. These adorable penguins will add just the right touch of fun while the warm muted colours and kitted textures add a coziness to the kit.

Chillin' Out is 50% off January 22 to 28 and available at both of my stores.

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