Thursday, 10 January 2013

Winter Fun

Since I live in Canada Winter is pretty much a fact of life. You can't avoid it, you just have to learn to live with it or learn to enjoy it. I think enjoying it is a lot easier when you're young but I know a few adults who wait all year for winter to come back. It's kind of perfect that I'm releasing this kit today and the biggest snow storm of the year just blew in last night. I decided to cancel my plans and even kept my Deirdre home from school so I could stay in my warm house and ignore it (aside from bursts of cold when I let the dog out every few hours lol).

This kit however is all about kids having fun in the snow. Building Snowmen, Having Snowball Fights, Sledding, Skiing... you name it!

The kit will be 40% off From Jan 10-17 inclusive.

My CT Really Outdid themselves with this kit as I'm sure you'll agree.

A couple of them have Freebies for you to grab on their blogs :

Last but not least is MY Freebie for you!



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